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Beautiful, Strong Physiques.

I will create a fully customized service plan FOR YOU that is what we together determine
is just what you want and need to crush your goals!.

About me

My name is Nick Venuto and I am excited that you are ready to change your life! I have been training for over 14 years and have been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist for over 5 years. Training myself to build a strong, proportionate physique as well as to develop a mental edge in all I work to achieve has been my passion and mission second only to helping others work towards achieving the same.


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I could not have imagined a better personal trainer for me then Nick. Nick is passionate about fitness and about helping others achieve their goals, and I always felt that I was in good hands. Nick is extremely knowledgeable about fitness techniques, proper diet, and general health. Nick was attentive to my personal needs, helping me discover what I truly wanted fitness-wise through in-depth discussion. In just 8 weeks I put on 20 pounds of muscle, from scrawny skin-and-bones to Swole!


Nick taught me everything I know about training and dieting. He set me up with a great program/diet and I have been getting great results. Already seeing HUGE improvements in my physique, especially in weak points.
Nick knows his stuff.


Nick helped me with nutrition consultation so that I could ensure I was getting all of the proper nutrients for my goals. Nick took the time and detailed notations to create for me a personalized and easy to follow meal plan, in which he even included exact portions and breakdown of the types of nutrients. I have much more sustainable energy already, and Nick is constantly following up to further iterate my plan together. I’d absolutely recommend Nick for any of your Health and Fitness goals!

– Justin

Absolutely. Information is meaningless without an action plan to achieve your goals. You’ve helped me tremendously, in just a few weeks I have measurable results. You rock!

– Martha

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