Nick Venuto CSCS Fitness Coach & Trainer


I will create a fully customized service plan FOR YOU that is what we together
determine is just what you want and need to crush your goals!

Below are the types of services I can provide as you need to help
you build your dream physique.


Fully Customized Workout and Nutrition Programs

They are geared entirely from the ground up, by me. And all starts with assessment work so that I create plans that you can follow and which WILL WORK FOR YOU whereby you achieve your goals and beyond! Workout plans will fit in with your schedule and time availability as well as equipment access, and you will enjoy following your meal plan which will fuel your training and everything else!.


Updates to Workout
and Nutrition Plans

I make sure that you are progressing the way you should with your workouts by managing your workout programming.

I also can keep your nutrition plans updated as you progress towards your training and physique goals.
Most importantly, I can ensure these plans are sustainable so that when your schedule changes or when you must travel or work different hours,
you stay on track.


Communication & Meetings via Zoom, Phone Calls, & Text

You will have access to me in the ways and timeframes we determine together that will ensure you gain the knowledge and feedback and accountability to be successful.

I personally will coach and teach you providing continued guidance and motivation so that you stay on track and progress properly.


Teaching & Instruction on
Proper Exercise Technique

Worried about me not being there in the gym with you to watch your form? No need to worry as I have you covered. I have a video library of over 100 exercise demonstration videos where I myself teach you how
to safely and properly perform the exercises. These videos are of me teaching you the exercises with me speaking and showing you the movements as well as how to set up machines, how to position your body, how to account for special factors and cues, and much more.

And I also am available for continued exercise form teaching when my clients film and send me their exercise videos from their workouts.

I will give you personally tailored instruction and feedback on your technique, and will even make you further personalized videos teaching you how to correct your form … just as if I was there with you in the gym and more of what you deserve to crush it with your training and nutrition and else!

1-on-1 In Person

When you train with me, you will have my full, undivided attention and energy so that you get safe, effective workouts and learn how to train.

You will learn from me how to do exercises properly and safely as well as how to handle your overall workout programming.

Everyone I work with will be assessed by me as an individual with different goals, needs, and abilities so that you will have a workout program individually tailored to you. Your workouts will be structured so that you reach your goals while enjoying your training in the gym. Training should not only be effective but fun so you will enjoy your workouts with me… and it only becomes more fun the more you progress
and reach goals!

Onsite Workplace

I also do highly interactive seminars for local South Florida companies as well as for members of country clubs and HOAs, sharing my knowledge on proper fitness and health practices.

Again, these seminars are fully interactive with opportunities for questions throughout as well as on individual basis, one-on-one at the end of seminars. They are geared to help busy folks create effective workout habits which fit within their schedules and which are sustainable along with safe and effective for achieving goals.

For sites which have gyms, I can also do seminars teaching participants proper exercise form and technique on the gym floor.

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