Nick Venuto CSCS Fitness Coach & Trainer

About Me

My name is Nick Venuto and I am excited that you are ready to change your life!!
I have been training for over 14 years and have been a Certified Strength and
Conditioning Specialist for over 5 years. Training myself to build a strong,
proportionate physique as well as to develop a mental edge in all I work to
achieve has been my passion and mission second only to helping others work
towards achieving the same.

My Journey

I specifically have made it my mission to help others in this fitness endeavor because I understand from personal experience how imposing it seems to balance fitness with busy schedules and other obligations. I also am a licensed CPA in the state of Florida having performed financial statement auditing for years advancing to a management role before leaving the
field to pursue fitness coaching.

During my time in public accounting, it was tough waking up at 3 am to train, or having to train at night after a long day of mentally challenging work, along with getting all my meals in around my busy work schedule.

It is still a balance for me now as I help others to crush their fitness goals, but it is worth it 100 times
and more over.


I recognized that individuals need training, nutritional guidance, and healthy lifestyle practices in order to reach their goals and sustain a healthy
lifestyle and fit body.

They need practices that can be followed consistently and adjusted to fit in with their busy careers and lives.

So, I understand your struggles and your need for balance … and I know
how to help you succeed despite the challenges.

One last thing … this is why I am so passionate about fitness and training: the work ethic and habits of discipline and perseverance which you develop through achieving fitness goals will help you in all you work to achieve.


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